Pride Computer Systems

Please note our company has moved to 416 South 3rd Street, Jacksonville Beach.

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If your company’s Information Technology infrastructure is unmanaged and impossible to budget, or you are unhappy with your current Information Technology provider, Pride Computer Systems will gladly step in and resolve all of your outstanding Information Technology issues.

  • Computer Repair including, but not limited to, hardware and and software installation (including operating system/system software) due to hardware failure.
  • Computer and component sales
  • Virus Protection
  • In-home service
  • Phone support with 24-hour emergency response
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • Current firmware updates/upgrades for all Information Technology hardware
  • Anti-virus and firewall implementation, updates and patches
  • After-hours support with required customer facility access
  • Full Information Technology representation/direction including annual Information Technology budgeting
  • New system hardware & software implementation
  • Quarterly contract & project reviews


We service all areas of Jacksonville including, but not limited to, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Saint Augustine, and Saint Johns County.

Here are some comments by our satisfied customers:

Pride Computer Systems converted the phone jacks in our house to Ethernet jacks and wired our entire home.  The technician then installed a custom monitor with optimal settings and a wireless system.  My house went from 1970’s technology to modern day!  Thanks Pride Computer Systems!
Valerie D. – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Technician came to our house and set up 4 monitors for my at home workstation. Great work!
Greg H. – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

After a thunderstorm, all the power was interrupted to the house. When it came back on, everything was fine except my desktop computer would not turn on. I brought it to Pride Computer Systems and they diagnosed a faulty power supply and replaced it while I waited. Thank you!
Patrick B. – Atlantic Beach, FL

My Apple laptop had a virus. I didn’t think Apple computers could get viruses. The technician told me it was rare, but it does happen. This virus had changed all the permissions on my files and I was unable to access a single one. It took the better part of a day, but he retrieved over 10 years of work and placed the files on a external drive they provided. Excellent data recovery service.
Jeff M. – Neptune Beach, FL